CBN Grinding Wheels

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why CBN wheels?


CBN ist the best suitable grain for grinding hardened steel: You will hardly generate a high temperature, because CBN has an extremely good conductivity for temperature, so the heat generated is dispersed quickly. This is also helped by the shape of the metal body of the wheel. No more blues.

The wheels have an extremely long working life with an excellent rate of stock removal. The face will stay flat, no dressing and shaping necessary.

They will produce just the right cutting edge for turning tools.


why not diamond?


Diamond is chemically pure carbon. When it is used as a grinding grit it works extremely well with tungsten carbide or glass. With steel, this is a different matter: At comparatively low temperatures the diamond (carbon) forms carbides with some of the ingredients you have in every steel, nickel, chromium. That means the diamond is gone, your diamond grinding wheel is destroyed.


a little background


CBN is an abbreviation for Cubic Boron Nitride, a development of the General Electric Company for which CBN was also registered, now it is a trade mark Diamond Innovations. CBN is still more costly than industrial diamond, originally the grain was much more expansive than gold. It is nearly as hard as diamond, almost 4 times as hard as aluminum oxide, and has revolutionized the grinding of hardened steel.

The wheels consist of a metal body which is coated in an electro-galvanic process with a layer of CBN-grain. The particles stick in a bond specifically designed for grinding without coolant. The CBN-grain is of a precise size, each one just a few thous.


why OptiGrind®?


We are Europe‘s leading supplier of CBN wheels to the turning community. We don‘t only supply CBN wheels, but offer a comprehensive system with wheels of various sizes, very special bushings with shoulder, even a 1" arbor to fit the wheels to the lathe.

We are proud that our wheels and accessories are manufactured in Europe.


scope of delivery


wheel dimensions



bushings for shafts



6"x¾", 6"x1.5", all clamped on ¾"

8"x1", 8"x1.5", all clamped on 1“


½",5/8", ¾"


1"(also suitable for numerous other uses)


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